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Making tax digital for VAT (MTD) in the UK, one software recommendation.

Making Tax Digital, getting your taxes right first time, words for wise and other cliché marketing spiel. Prepare for a rant. I found it almost impossible to do proper research as all I could find online was just a wall of non-information, but eventually I settled on 100PcVatFreeBridge, a free and privacy respecting MTD VAT solution by Comsci LTD... Click to continue reading.

Sanitize data for your sanity, keep snoopers and perverts at bay

What might surprise you is how easy it is for people to get their hands on sensitive data, especially images. There are many ways you can accidentally leave tasty treats lying around on your devices for hungry perverts to find... Click to continue reading.

As mad as a tin foil hatter?

It’s much easier to exploit people when you know more about them, and these days social media leaves little to the imagination. So no Faraday cages for me, just good old fashioned common sense.... Click to continue reading.

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Beware of Qnap 10gig network switch QSW-M408-4C

At £330 it was relatively inexpensive compared to most other examples I could find with the features I wanted (it lacked SNMP though which was annoying) it had 4 10gig ports which was much better than many more expensive products. I thought it offered good value for money, however my verdict after a few months of use is don’t bother. Save your money and try something else at least until they sort themselves out. ... Click to continue reading.


Cook duck until exploded...

There’s not that many tech peeps on about this at the moment and the few that are are kind of fringe/cringe. I mean the few who have said anything about this seem to forget the other search engines out there are often even worse and alternatives they suggest are next to useless as search engines. If censorship has you so outraged you’d ditch the duck, fine. But you’d have to also ditch all the others for the same reasons. All of them perform censorship to some degree. ... Click to continue reading.



The upgrade to 10 gig ethernet has been a long time in coming. 10 gig is nothing new technologically speaking, equipment capable of these speeds was available even back in the early 2010s, however they were extremely expensive however, much like 100gb stuff is now, £000’s for NIC’s £000’s to £0000’s for switches and other network infrastructure. Even now they’re still expensive, but they’re cheap enough now to make the change worth it even with the current strains on the supply chain. The actual cost of the infrastructure (the switches and the few cable upgrades I needed to do) was little more than £500 altogether. ... Click to continue reading.


The Pi Hole is the best thing since sliced bread

I thought I’d try using Pi Hole of on my network to see what it’s like and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at what it can do, while the software is marketed towards ad-blocking it can literally be used to block or monitor anything you can feed through it. Basically it intercepts DNS requests made between devices and the internet if you set these devices DNS to the IP address of the machine running the Pi Hole. It allows or blocks depending on blocklists used or items you’ve blacklisted yourself. It can also make use of regex (regular expressions) in a similar way to Fail2Ban. ... Click to continue reading.


An anecdote of privacy, round 2

I wrote an article back in 2020 entitled an anecdote to privacy where I go over how old email address can be used to track and even to harass people; an issue I’d experienced personally. So why this article then? Louis Rossmann attracts a variety of people... Click to continue reading.


Video content providers and alternatives online and alternative ways to watch YouTube

Despite my criticism of Google as a company few would deny the usefulness of YouTube. However it’s been over two years since I deleted my Google account and it’s been almost as long since I actually used the YouTube website directly. So how to watch YouTube if not via the main website?.... Click to continue reading.


Happy 2022!

Here we are at the second year of the 2020’s and it’s amazing how time flies but equally amazing how little actually changes.... Click to continue reading.


My best of radio for 2021

Looking back at my best radio catches of 2021... Click to continue reading.


Update woes again!

Yet again with Linux update issues, this time an issue had arisen with Raspberry Pi OS which is based on Debian ARM. Generally Raspberry Pi OS is pretty stable though it’s not quite as glacial as Debian Stable, if anything it sits somewhere between Stable and Testing. In this case the issue I had was with the package dhcpcd which is the default for network management in Raspberry PI OS... Click to continue reading.